Surströmming : The worst and smelliest food in the world


Surströmming is originally come from Sweden. It is a fermented Baltic sea herring and is a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century. It is also call the “Rotten fish in can”.

The technique used to make Surströmming is by frementing it with salt just enough to prevent the fish from completely rotting and the average Surströmming is the market aged about one year.

Surströmming is so smelly it makes most of the people that smell it for the first time to have nausea. There was also once a supermarket reported closed down just because a can of Surströmming fell from the rack and broke which makes the smell to spread all over the area.

How foul is the Surströmming? The study from Japan also consider Surströmming is the smelliest food in their reseach and also it reach level 6 in European Odor Unit, EOU which is the highest level of odor.

Surströmming also is banned by some major airlines like British airways and Air France and you will be fined for $50,000 if you get caught bringing it on board. In Sweden, it is banned from many apartment complexes and schools where kids use it as a stink bomb. Here is Trying Surströmming for the first time video.

In Sweden, Surströmming is considered as a food delicacy and eating it with family is a tradition. usually, Surströmming is eaten together with potatoes, salad, cheese and a thin bread called Turnbrodt. 

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